Delete Your User Information

We collect user information from you when you make a request for service.

Once your request is approved, you have two options:

(1) Leave intact the user information which you have provided. This information helps us troubleshoot problems which may arise. For example, if you forget your password this information might help us to confirm your identity and reset your password.

(2) Delete your user information. If you are concerned about your privacy, we strongly suggest that you delete all the user information which you have provided. The drawback is that you will LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT AND ALL YOUR MAIL if you forget your password. No exceptions.

Riseup.net does not want to keep your user information. If we don’t have your information, we cannot be forced to provide this data to a third party. It is our preference that you delete your information now. But the choice is up to you.

For mail accounts, user information can be deleted by visiting http://mail.riseup.net and clicking “change my settings.” For lists, you can edit the list description and owners (and other information) from the list admin interface once you are logged into http://lists.riseup.net.

Announcing Activista

In cooperation with resist.ca and protest.net, riseup.net is proud to announce the launch of Activista, a search engine focused on activist resources and vegetarian/vegan recipes. Comprised exclusively of social change websites, Activista helps people quickly find the activist information they search for. As a added bonus, vegetarian recipe sites are included. Why? Because recipes are yummy!

What can I do with Activista?

Well, just type in the words or topics you want to find information about and then page through the results. No ads, no sponsored links, just radical goodness! Try it out at http://activista.org. But wait, there’s more. A few of the many easy to use features include:

  • Advanced search page makes it easy to create targeted searches
  • Use our plugin to search directly from your browser (http://activista.org/plugin/)
  • A multi-language search interface.
  • Add an Activista search box to your website (you can also use this to search only your website).

Why an activist search service?

We believe there is a pressing need for a search engine with a focus on liberatory social change. For example, if you search for “biotechnology” in a typical search engine, you get hundreds of entries for biotech corporations. With Activista, the same search returns pages of people working to expose the dangers of biotechnology.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

All riseup.net services are provided to you, the user, on the terms specified in these documents. Please read these if you haven’t before:

Terms of Service: http://help.riseup.net/tos Privacy Policy: http://help.riseup.net/privacy

Give Us Money

It has been a long time since the last newsletter and donations have started to fall off dramatically. This can only mean one thing: you love our pleas for money! You, dear user, are in for a treat.

Here it goes: give us money!

Why? We don’t think it is possible to fight for a world free of domination while trapped using tools provided by the system we oppose. We need alternatives for our own mental health, our security, and to create democratic social power. We have a right to self determination and to control our own means of communication. But alternatives can only exist if people make a commitment to support them.

If you agree with any of that righteous rant, then it is your obligation to live true to your values and give us money… right now… lots of it…

(with the usual caveat that we only ask for donations from people in the global north).

Please visit http://riseup.net/donate

Thanks, the riseup collective