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Riseup Rot

Wir bieten Riseup Rot-Konten für traditionelle Dienste wie E-Mail (IMAP), Chat (XMPP) und VPN.


Wir bieten Mailinglisten für aktivistische Organisationen.

Andere Dienste

Die folgenden Dienste benutzen jeweils unabhängige Konten, die nicht mit Riseup Rot oder Riseup Schwarz verbunden sind.



Ressourcen und Anleitungen für sichere Kommunikation.

Riseup Hilfe-Portal

Um uns wegen einer Frage zu kontaktieren, nutze unser Hilfe-Portal, um ein Ticket zu erstellen. Aber bitte suche und lies vorher unser Onlinedokumentation auf dieser Seite.

Radikale Server

Liste von radikalen Server-Projekten weltweit.


Happy #N30!
Happy N30 from your friendly autonomous tech collective, running servers for justice since 1999. Much love to all in the streets & behind the screens fighting for a better world. Donate to keep Riseup working hard for you and movements globally.
Certificate update
The *.riseup.net, riseup.net certificates were updated. If you are pinning cert fingerprints, this will be the last time these certs and signed fingerprints will be updated.
Un grand merci à SQiL for a successful translation event!
Last night several wonderful volunteers came to the SQiL event to work on translating our help pages to french. Several pages were translated, updated, and fixes made, thanks to SQiL for a second year of help! Our help pages are an excellent resource to learn more about online security, anyone can help improve them!
Mic check!
All systems are green.
Fishing for Riseup: Bavarian Police raids
Bavarian police raids in search of Riseup accounts. What you need to know
Happy 20th Birthday Sympa!
Sympa, the software that makes 20k lists at https://lists.riseup.net possible, is turning 20 years old! There will be a hackathon on April 1,2 to celebrate, see https://www.sympa.org for more details.
Updates to legacy VPN
Attention VPN Red users: we just updated to modern crypto settings which will require client configuration changes. Please review the updated help pages, and adjust your settings. Bitmask (aka "VPN Black") users are unaffected.
We have moved to encrypted email storage!
Starting today, as a response to recent legal requests, all new Riseup email accounts will feature personally encrypted storage on our servers, only accessible by you. In the near future, we will begin to migrate all existing accounts to use this new system.
help us stabilize!
Due to your amazing support, you bought us time until our yearly fundraiser rolls around. However, if you can setup a regular, monthly contribution, even of $1USD, it would help us immensely! Its tiny, but if enough people do it, it will add up, and maybe we can get rid of these annoying requests for money all the time.
riseup needs help!
We are in a financial crisis and need your support! That's why we launched our $1 campaign, where we're asking every riseup user to give us just $1 a month! You can help here-.
Mail may be rejected if you do not use our SMTP server!
When you send mail from your riseup email account, you need to make sure you are sending it through the riseup SMTP server, or they will possibly be rejected by the remote server.
Upstream power maintenance on Saturday March 12, from 7am - 3pm PT
Our upstream is doing some major power work during this time and ALL riseup services will be down intermittently for several hours throughout the day. But don't worry, there's a whole world out there away from the internet!
New red VPN CA certificate
The Riseup CA certificate used by the red VPN has been updated, red VPN users will need to verify and update. Other services, including black VPN, do not require updates.
New certificates
We have new certificates, be sure to verify the new ones!
pad.riseup.net is back! (honest)
OK, pad.riseup.net is back for reals this time, now with 90% fewer crashes. Sorry for the long down time.
pad.riseup.net is down for maintenance
We're working hard to bring it back up. Thanks for your patience.
pad.riseup.net working again
pad.riseup.net died for a while do to a corrupt database. It should be in working order. However, at least one group had their pad contents get mangled. Sorry!
Systems green
Upstream power work will cause service disruptions
Our upstream is performing power maintenance work tonight, April 17, starting at 19h PDT and continuing until Saturday, April 18 at 10h PDT. This will cause brief service interruptions when the power is switched over at the beginning and end of the work, hopefully no more than a few minutes on either end of the work. All mail will be delivered. Thanks for your patience.
Systems green!
Lists are delayed due to maintenance
Our list machine is presently undergoing some required maintenance. Never fear! You can still send your lists mail and it will wait in the queue and will be processed as soon as we finish our work. No need to resend anything.
Security is not a crime!
We reject the implication from the Spanish state that using email with proper security measures is evidence of criminal activity. Here's our statement about recent arrests in Spain.
We updated our canary statement.
Our canary statement received its normal quarterly update.
New certificates deployed!
In our seemingly continous saga to improve security for our users, we updated our certificates today to phase out some older crypto. Now we are using SHA256 and 4096bit certificates, this may result in very old clients (Windows XP SP2, Android 2.2) to no longer work. Unfortunately, we cannot continue to support those and ask that you upgrade. Check out our new certificate fingerprints and learn how to verify them.
SSLv3 disabled due to Poodle vulnerability
Due to a security vulnerability disclosed on the internet, we have disabled the SSLv3 protocol on our servers. If you are suddenly having difficulty logging in, please take a moment to look to see if there is a newer version of the software you are using to connect to Riseup. Only very old, and otherwise vulnerable software, will fail to connect with SSLv3 disabled.
lists back up and delivering.
The list machine has not been delivering mail since the power outage. We just brought it up and mail is zipping out, but please be patient for the machine to catch up. Thanks.
riseup systems are down due to power work.
Our upstream host did some power work last night that knocked us offline, and some more this morning. The power work is now over and we're working on bringing stuff back up. We hope to have everything back up and running soon. Saturdays are great days to get off the internet! Thanks for your patience.
riseup has a new webmail!
We have deployed a new webmail, roundcube! If you are having trouble checking your email, please check to make sure that you are pointing your email client to mail.riseup.net and not to fulvetta.r.n or fruiteater.r.n.
Brief outages for power maintenance starting at 7pm PDT
This evening June 6th starting at 7pm PDT there will be several outages of all Riseup services due to power maintenance.
New Tor addresses issued
Due to a security vulnerability disclosed on the internet today, we had to roll our tor hidden service addresses. This means that if you were using a Tor hidden service to connect to Riseup, you will not be able to continue to use that address. Please find out the new hidden service address and replace the old one you were using with the new one to continue to use Riseup's Tor hidden services!
New certificates issued
Due due to a severe and widespread security vulnerability disclosed on the internet today, we had to update our TLS certificates. Check out our new certificate fingerprints and learn how to verify them.
Systems Green
Everything is good.
Brief Outage
The will be a brief outage for all services tonight (Fri Nov 15) at 11pm PST for a scheduled power outage.