16 Feb, 2017, Canary statement
6 Jan, 2015, Riseup’s statement regarding recent arrests in Spain
2 July, 2014, Riseup joins six other organizations in lawsuit against British intelligence agency GCHQ
26 April, 2014, Riseup stands in solidarity with Saravá
August 2013, Riseup and the recent email provider closures
April 2012, Server Seizure

Artikel über Riseup

Riseup belebt den Kanarienvogel wieder
Riseup moves to encrypted email in response to legal requests
Riseup confirms it received two FBI warrants and gagging order
Forcé de coopérer avec le FBI, Riseup chiffre désormais les emails qu’il stocke
Riseup confirms receipt of FBI warrant and gagging order


ISP unternehmen rechtliche Schritte gegen GCHQ


Ars Technica, Europe Won’t Save You, Why Email is Probably Safer in the US


N+1 Magazine – Leave Your Cellphone at Home

“For email, using is good news. The solutions they offer are integrated with Tor as much as possible. They’re badass.”

New York Times – How to Muddy Your Tracks on the Internet

“If you do not want the content of your e-mail messages examined or analyzed at all, you may want to consider lesser-known free services like HushMail, RiseUp and Zoho, which promote no-snooping policies.”

Media accounts of the Riseup server seizure:

  1. Forbes – FBI Seizes Activists’ Anonymizing Server In Probe Of Pittsburgh’s Bomb Threats
  2. The Register – FBI seizes Mixmaster servers
  3. PC World – FBI Seizes Anonymizing Server in Bomb Threat Probe
  4. Information Week – FBI Seizes Anonymizing Email Service Server
  5. (German)
  6. techdirt – FBI Seized Anonymizer Server
  7. Democracy Now
  8. Wired – FBI Uses ‘Sledgehammer’ to Seize E-Mail Server in Search for Bomb Threat Evidence
  9. redOrbit – FBI Seizes Server Allegedly Linked To University Bomb Threat
  10. PC INpact – Le FBI saisit un serveur hébergeant un service de courriels anonymes (French)