Thanks to the developers of Roundcube (the program that our webmail runs) we have now a phone/tablet/every device compatible interface for https://mail.riseup.net. To make this possible there are several changes on how we interact with our mail, but don’t worry, they are not that disruptive! The following text will try to answer some common questions while we test this interface.

What is Elastic?

Elastic is Roundcube’s new User Interface. It’s a modern, cleaner and in general nicer experience for our webmail. It’s most important feature is that the layout will change according to your screen size, making it suitable for phones and tablets.

How do I enable it?

After you login in at https://mail.riseup.net visit your settings page (the link is on the top right), Then in Preferences -> User Interface pick “Ink” on the Interface skin and press save. After a couple of seconds you will see the new interface.

How do I got to my mail? Where is the compose button? And my contacts?

All main sections for the webmail are located in the left sidebar, from there you can see the list of your e-mail, compose new mails, access your contacts or go to your settings. The logout button is also at the bottom of this list.

I see sometimes 4 columns, sometimes 1. What is happening?

Elastic adapts to your screen size. Depending on your available space you will see from 1 to 4 columns. In smaller ones you will see less columns, but don’t be afraid of this, you can use the top bar icons to access the parts that are not always displaying… this is simpler and easier than the current approach of zoom and scroll on mobile phones and tablets.

Each column has an icon section on the top where you can interact. For example in the arriving e-mail link you will find the reply button, or the report spam one! in the contact lists you can add new contacts or remove them! Each action should be self-explanatory.

How do I go back to the previous Interface?

You can visit your settings (in the left sidebar) and then Preferences -> User Interface. Here pick ‘Larry’ and click Save.

I have feedback, where do I send it?

At this moment we are looking for feedback regarding accessibility and possible bug reports. For the first one please write to accessibility@riseup.net, and if you find any bug please report it in our support system at https://support.riseup.net. Please be sure to mention which device you were using for your feedback.