What is webmail?

Webmail allows you to check your riseup.net email from any computer that has a web browser.

To use Riseup webmail, visit mail.riseup.net

The primary reason to use webmail is if you do not have your own device that you can install a mail client on. Sometimes people use webmail because they don’t want to leave a record of what email account they use on the device. Webmail is not a good solution for this, because web browsers leave behind all sorts of temporary files, and session files can be recovered with the right tools.

Cookies must be enabled

For security reasons, we require cookies. Without cookies, it is impossible to make your login session secure.

Unfortunately, cookies also allow advertisers and companies like google to track you nearly all your activity on the web. If you are concerned about tracking, we suggest that you simply disable third party cookies, see Better Web Browsing. Alternately, you can block all cookies by default and then enable cookies for the sites you want.

Troubleshooting webmail login

The most common question we receive is this: “why can’t I login?” This page will help you figure out what is wrong and help you fix it.

Almost always, login problems are due to one of the following:

  • Your web browser is blocking cookies.
  • You have typed your login or password incorrectly.
  • Your web browser is old and does not correctly support javascript or encrypted connections.
  • Our mail server is down.

Step 1: Ensure cookies are enabled

For specific instructions on cookie management, see:

Step 2: Try other web browsers

If you still cannot login, you should next figure out if the problem is with your account or with your computer.

  • Try other computers and other web browsers. For this test to be helpful, the other computers and web browsers should be as different as possible. If you can, try to login from a different network, using a different browser, on a different operating system.
  • We suggest you download and install a recent version of Firefox or Chrome. If this works, then the problem is with your browser.

Step 3: Check the server status

It is possible that the server is down. You can view the status of the mail server, and read any service notices, at this page:


Step 4: Call for help!

If none of the above seem to work, then fill out a help ticket. But please, try these suggestions first! Also, include in your description of the problem a summary of the things you have already tried.

Access Webmail via Tor

To enhance connection security you can use Onion Service configuration to connect to Webmail via Riseup’s .onion services. Look for the according mail.*.onion address on the linked page.