Some miscellaneous configuration possibilities, including expiring users, reminding them of their subscriptions.

expire task

If set, the expire task will automatically unsubscribe list members who do not reply to an automated email.

remind task

If set, the remind task will send a message to all list members reminding them of their subscription to the list.

email address protection method

These options determine what method is used to protect email addresses in the list archives so that they cannot be recognized by email harvesting web spider.

The choices are:

  • at:: addresses are written like so: @helpdesk@riseup.net@ —> helpdesk AT riseup.net
  • javascript:: addresses are composed using javascript, so that they look readable to humans but probably not to an email harvesting spider.
  • cookie:: before you enter the archives, you must accept a cookie. This option will prevent a search engine from indexing your archives, even if they are public. However, it will also prevent you from using direct URL links into a public archive: the user will first have to accept the cookie and this process redirects them to the general index of the archives.
  • none:: no attempt is made to change the email addresses.