Announcing our new RiseupVPN service!

Using a VPN service makes you safer and helps in the fight against government and corporate surveillance, control and oppression. VPN services allow you to circumvent censorship, anonymize your location, and increase your privacy by encrypting your internet traffic.

Riseup has you covered with our new and super simple to use RiseupVPN: no configuration, no account registration, just install and run it, that is it! To find out how to install and use RiseupVPN on GNU/Linux, macOS, Windows or Android devices, go to https://riseup.net/en/vpn .

If you were using Bitmask, you will need to uninstall it and install RiseupVPN instead. RiseupVPN is based on Bitmask, but is much better. Riseup Black and its accounts are being removed and RiseupVPN is replacing it.

Unlike most other VPN providers - we do not log your IP address, require a login account or charge money for the use of our VPN service. However, the development and availability of this service is dependent upon your support and donations. Please, please donate if you can - https://riseup.net/en/donate

Notes From The Collective

Pigeon has a new young adult book out for people of all ages, that has some decidedly revolutionary themes that people of all ages might enjoy. The book is called Little Apocalypse, and you can buy it wherever you buy books, if you want. It’s currently only available in English, alas.

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