Riseup Translation Day June 11th

Over the last decade, the Riseup help pages have evolved to become an important resource for Riseup users and for activists seeking greater security and protection from surveillance.

The help pages are partially translated into about 10 different languages, but a lot more translation work is yet to be done.

The translation team is organizing a translation hackday on June 11th, from 14:00 to 20:00 UTC. The goal is to have people from all around the world meet in their respective cities to work on the help pages translation and teach one another how this stuff works.

No need to be a super translator or to have special computer skills! Only knowledge of English and motivation is required. Interested? Learn more at https://pad.riseup.net/p/june11translationday.

How to resist social engineering

Most identity theft and security compromises come about because people fall for “social engineering,” which is a fancy way of saying that scam artists are very good at lying to you.

How do you resist social engineering? Here is a good start: don’t believe anything you read in an email. Always get a secondary confirmation before taking any action, and never give anyone your password under any circumstances.

How does Riseup resist social engineering? It is pretty simple. We always assume everyone is lying to us. This means we will never change your password, or make changes to your account, or your mailing list.

This is good for you, because it keeps your account more secure, but it also means that you must take greater responsibility in managing your accounts and lists:

  • Make sure you don’t lose your username and password.
  • Account: if you choose to use the account “alternate email” feature in order to be able to reset your password, make sure it points to a current account you control.
  • Lists: make sure your list has multiple owners in case one loses access or can’t be reached.
  • Lists: make sure owner addresses of lists point to current accessible accounts. If they don’t, then you won’t get important info about the list and won’t be able to reset your password if needed.