We need your support to support each other

Riseup has been going for two decades now - 20 years - our nest is almost as old as the internet, and the birds are all older. Many of us were at the WTO protests in 1999 and have kept it up since then.

Every month we have a solid core of folks who send us financial support.

This monthly support allows us to keep the lights on and ensure that the services you and many others depend upon work smoothly and with little/no interruption. For many of you, this means your email works and that your organizational listserve functions while you keep doing the amazing work of social justice organizing in your communities all over our planet.

Keeping the lights on for Riseup is labor and time that is often invisible and technically difficult programming and network maintenance work. Your support helps us:

  • keep all the pads working
  • maintain (the crabgrass platform)
  • ensure the vpn connections are live and obfuscating your actions on the internet
  • answer your support and help tickets
  • fight the ceaseless spam and bots that attempt to slow down our networks
  • deal with legal and bureaucratic systems

But most importantly, your sustaining donations help us to continue to dream, maintain and develop services as technology changes and evolves itself. Small donations have always been what has kept us going and how our community has support us so we can continue to support you.

We have done this on a shoestring budget for most of the past 20 years and we need you to continue to support us, so that we can continue to support radical movements around the world as we all struggle together to make life better in the future.

When you give to Riseup, please know that you are also supporting a large portion of our users who rely on our services and are not in a position to give us money. Lots of folks live in countries financially plundered by imperialism and neoliberalism, or personally deal with the ravages of poverty. We aren’t expecting or asking any of those users to donate. But for everyone else who can throw a little mutual aid our way, your money not only supports our work, but the huge base of activists we support.

Over the next few weeks we will be ringing the bell and chirping loudly about how to support Riseup. For those of you that have already donated or do so monthly – THANK YOU!

Please help spread the word to your friends and allies who also use our services. -

If you would like to help, have questions about how to make tax deductible donations or happen to have $50K burning a hole in your wallet, please contact us fundraising [@]

Love and solidarity, the birds of Riseup