Help Tickets

The best way to get in touch with us is to fill out a help ticket. Please visit to create a ticket. Note that you do not need to have an email account with riseup to file a help ticket.


To contact us regarding general questions about our collective, send mail to Any help questions directed to this email will be ignored.

Our gpg long keyid is 0×3043E2B7139A768E. The full fingerprint is:

Key fingerprint = 4E07 9126 8F7C 67EA BE88  F1B0 3043 E2B7 139A 768E

There is no particular reason you should trust this key. You can see who trusts it:

gpg --list-sigs 0x4E0791268F7C67EABE88F1B03043E2B7139A768E


Our mailing address is:

Riseup Networks
PO Box 4282
Seattle, WA 98194 USA


server :
port for SSL connection : 6697
channel : #riseup
web interface :

(see Chat Security for information on keeping IRC secure)

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