Answering your questions

Hello dear riseup birds,

I think it would be very handy if it were possible to switch to digest mode, using an email command. Already it is possible to subscribe and unsubscribe by email, so this would be similar.

This would make it a little easier for list subscribers to change to digest mode. I have found as a list admin that this is a popular request, and going through the documented instructions is a little time consuming and confusing to the unfamiliar. Thanks for all your efforts, -Alex

Hi Alex,

There’s already mail commands to use for sympa’s lists, here’s how you do it.

SET listname DIGEST Puts the subscriber in digest mode for the listname list. Instead of receiving email from the list in a normal manner, the subscriber will periodically receive it in a digest. This digest compiles a group of messages from the list, using multipart/digest mime format. The sending period for these digests is regulated by the list owner using the digest parameter. See the SET LISTNAME MAIL command and the reception parameter.

Note that the admin list must configure the digest parameters of the list (days and time of the digest generation)


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Hey, Translators!

You may have noticed that this newsletter goes out in a lot of languages. But did you know that you can join the wonderful translation crew to make this happen? This is crucial work to keeping riseup working. Shoot an email to osprey@riseup.net if you want to help.

T. Shirts

We’ve got t shirts! With pretty birds on them! So far we don’t have the infrastructure to sell them to everyone, but if you’ve got an infoshop or t shirt kiosk and would like to buy five or more, let us know and we’ll send you more info. Email pigeon@riseup.net for pictures and ordering information.

Also, after lots of research, we found this very cool t shirt manufacturer that supports maquilladora activists, that you might want to check out if you’re making shirts too:


not money

A lot of us have been expecting this strange society we live in to start crumbling for a while now. Most societies, especially the U.S., are not sustainable or kind for this planet and its animals (including my personal favorites, humans). And now, it does seem to be crumbling at a pretty rapid rate. One of the reasons we exist and do what we do is because of a deep conviction that we can live better, and that part of that will only happen when we start building what we want inside the crumbling hull of the old. We also feel it’s important to have those structures in place, before everything falls apart, so we’ll have tools to work with. A lot of people these days are talking about what they are going to do now. We always end these newsletters with some pleas for cash. This time, we are giving a pitch for working on horizontal alternatives structures to what exists now. We are in no way against resistance work, and know it is crucial, so keep doing that, if it’s what you do. But if there is a way sometime this month you can give something to a project that builds something beautiful, please do that.