Welcome to the Riseup Newsletter. This monthly newsletter is sent to all Riseup email users and mailing list administrators. Look for important updates, technical tips, donation information and occasional useless trivia. We send the newsletter in three languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Today’s useless trivia: In the last six months, Riseup has created new email accounts for users representing 104 countries. A total of 14530 email addresses exist, 317 of these were created last month.


For many months, the riseup birds have labored on a task of epic proportions: upgrade Sympa, the software libre that runs

Their journey has not gone well. We have discovered that the new version of Sympa cannot handle the number of lists we have: it explodes in a fiery ball of flaming electrons if it tries to think about the 11 thousand riseup lists.

What to do!? If you are us, the first step is to run around in a panic, flapping your wings wildly. The second step is to realize that your collective does not have the kind of genius perl hacker required to fix sympa. The third step is to find such a genius and hire them to fix all your problems. Our genius is now hunkered down in a remote anarchist-geek squat madly hacking away in an attempt to make sympa behave and save our tail feathers.

Send him your love and please help us pay for his food so he can eat by giving us a donation, no matter how small your contribution will save riseup lists from total annihilation!


Webmail has been particularly buggy lately with many features broken or working sporadically (like downloading archives, multilingual interface, adding to your addressbook, etc).

We have heard your cries of pain! We have reverted to an older, more stable, and more secure version of squirrelmail. This older version does not have some features (like the ability to flag messages) but on the whole it is much much better. As an added bonus, the interface is now available in many more languages (even Arabic).

Really, though, you should only use webmail if there is no other option. Trust us, a real mail client makes life better. See for more information.


A founding member of riseup is flying away to graduate school after working on riseup full time for the last seven years. His departure will create a period of serious transition for riseup as the birds adapt to this change.

During this period of uncertainty, we need your donations more than ever! Without the steady stream of love and support from users like yourself, riseup would quickly shrivel up and die.

Ironically, we need your support most of all in the form of dollars, the embodiment of the cruelty and domination we struggle against. All money is blood money, and we need your’s.

See for information on how to donate.

In solidarity, the riseup collective