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Today’s useless trivia: on a typical day, riseup.net rejects 195,997 emails as spam or viruses, and accepts 147,800 emails (including some which are probably spam, but we are not certain).


Have you ever requested a list and had it rejected or taken a long time to be approved? Why, you wondered, are the Riseup folks not willing to support your wonderful work? It’s most likely for the following reasons:

  1. Lots of people request lists saying who they are, but not what their work is. So if you say, “We are radicals from Walla Walla” we reject it, not because we don’t love you, but because we have no idea what work the list would serve.

  2. Lots of people request lists with unexplained acronyms. When we have time, we research what these initial might mean, but lots of times it is inconclusive. Even if you are sure we know what your organization is, spell it out please!

  3. Sometimes requests come in languages we don’t know. If it’s not in Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, or English, please write the name of the language in, and we will do our best at translating it.

For more information about requesting a list, http://help.riseup.net/lists/subscribers/creating-lists/


Have you ever wanted a website where your group can communicate securely, share documents and photos, make decisions, track tasks, share calendars, and make wikis? Would you like this to be Software Libre (Free Software) and hosted by your friendly neighborhood privacy-obsessed radical tech collective?

Sound too good to be true? That is why we are building it. In cooperation with Mycelia and Radical Designs, the riseup collective has created “crabgrass,” a software project to facilitate bottom-up, democratic, network organizing. This ain’t myspace. More like tools-for-the-global-uprising-space.

If you are a ruby developer, kick ass designer, or movement organizer with time to dedicate to this project please contact danscott(at)riseup.net.

Stay tuned for more updates and an announcement of the first public roll out.


A big heartfelt thanks to everyone who has donated to Riseup.net. We have a pretty different funding model than your average lefty organization, in that we don’t rely on grants or outside funding to keep us going. The revolution will not be funded, and we want to build alternative institutions that exist independently of the non-profit-industrial-complex.

Riseup is entirely supported by our user community. If you can, please support your Riseup.net so we can continue to support you in all the wonderful work that you do.

See http://riseup.net/donate for information on how to donate.

In solidarity, The Riseup Collective