We aren’t closing your account

Every couple months another virus shows up which sends out mail threatening people that their email will be shut down unless they open the attachment. Hint: don’t open the attachment.

There are many variations on this theme, but all rely on people trusting the “From” field of the email. As a reminder, anyone can fake any “From” address of anyone else. That is just the way email works–you can’t trust that the email really came from the person it says it did (unless it is digitally signed).

See http://help.riseup.net/virus

Also, we will never send you an attachment!

Logout! Dammit!

Weird and spooky things happen to people who do not logout of web mail. The fairy of “good security practice” gets quite irate. As punishment, she puts a curse on your account so that the next person to login at the same computer will send emails which appear to come from you. That fairy is so mean! Don’t piss her off!

For more information on computer security, please check http://help.riseup.net/mail/security/

Riseup System Status

We have created a new website, http://status.riseup.net. This page shows the current status of all riseup.net servers and services, and is updated every few seconds. It also includes a frequently updated log of problems and fixes.

Now, when you can’t get your mail, you can spend your time staring at this page instead. Woot!

Special Folders

Do you use riseup’s webmail or IMAP? If so, read about how your folders work:

A few mail folders have special behavior. These special folders do not apply to you if you use POP and do not use the server side folders.

Trash Folder: All mail older than three weeks in the Trash folder is deleted automatically. Any message which is deleted from any other folder is automatically put into the Trash folder (this is true when using either webmail or mail clients).

Sent Folder: All mail older than 3 months in the Sent folder is deleted automatically. If you want to keep your sent mail for a longer period of time, we suggest that you copy the sent mail to another folder at the end of every month. For example:

In squirrelmail: - select the “Sent” folder. - click “Show All” - click “Toggle All” - select a destination folder and click “Move”.

In thunderbird: - select the “Sent” folder. - choose Edit > Select > All - choose Message > Move, and select a destination folder.

Spam Folder: If you have spam filtering enabled, then messages identified as Spam are delivered directly to this folder.

Mistakes Folder: If you have filter learning enabled, then copy messages which the spam filter got wrong to this folder (both messages which it incorrectly identified as spam and messages it incorrectly identified as good mail).

Recurring donations

Now you can set up recurring (online) donations on a monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly, and yearly basis. For privacy reasons, we don’t send out individual reminders to donate: we don’t want to track who has donated and for which account. However, recurring donations are a hassle-free way for you to donate on a regular basis, on your terms.

Please visit http://riseup.net/donate

Currently, we don’t have the labor to send “thank you” letters, but we do read your sweet sweet notes. Thank you, and the Riseup Collective thinks you are all pretty kick ass too.