Tech Tip

When you need to organise with others, which tool do you use typically use? Many turn to Facebook: it’s convenient and most people already have an account there.

Sadly, Facebook and other corporate platforms make profits by spying on you and selling your personal data to the highest bidder. Even worse, they’ll also happily work with law enforcement and give them access to all your data.

Lucky for you, we happen to host Crabgrass, a platform designed by activists, for activists. Since 2010, Riseup has been running Crabgrass at https://we.riseup.net.

Crabgrass is a web application designed for social networking, group collaboration and network organizing. Crabgrass lets you create wikis, send personal messages to your friends, receive gpg encrypted notifications, vote on issues, create tasks lists and much more! The best part is that your data on Crabgrass is secure: we will never give, sell or share your data with anyone.

Everyone (not just Riseup users) can create an account on we.riseup.net. You and your friends should give it a try!


Did you know that Crabgrass was originally developed by Riseup? It was first created 15 years ago by a few Riseup birds who wanted to create an online organizing tool that would be safe to use and shielded from the eyes of corporations and governments.

None of this would have been possible without volunteers working on the code and your financial support. Please consider making a donation to Riseup to support further Crabgrass development and maintenance.