Our Security Statement

If you would like updates on Riseup’s interaction with the state surveillance apparatus, go to:

We will be updating it roughly quarterly.

It currently states:

As of April 21, 2014, Riseup has not received any National Security Letters or FISA court orders, and we have not been subject to any gag order by a FISA court. Riseup has never placed any back-doors in our software and have not received any requests to do so. Riseup has never disclosed any user communications to any third party.

Regarding server seizures, in a widely-reported incident, the FBI seized one of Riseup’s servers in April 2012. This incident happened in New York. The machine was encrypted and contained no user data. The server was returned, but it was not placed back in service. Other than this incident, as of April 21, 2014, Riseup confirms that it has never had any hardware seized or taken by any third party.

Yahoo and Lists

You may have been seeing some bounces from and They are due to those corporation’s changes in policy. They published a DMARC record (an anti-spam technology) which effectively says “if any server other than our official servers sends mail with a sender using a (or address, assume the mail is spam and reject it”. The DMARC record is then used by other sites (like,, and many others) to decide what to do when mail arrives.

The problem with this is that mailing list software, like, retransmits messages to others. So when a or user sends mail to a list and it gets redistributed (with the address still as the sender) then receiving mail servers say “this message wasn’t sent from one of yahoo/aol’s servers, it must be spam, reject!” and bounce the message. This is why you may be were seeing lots of bounces, and not just from but other sites as well.

There is a full explanation at

The easiest thing that can fix this is yahoo/aol changing their policy. But until then here is what riseup is doing:

  • In order to limit the damage, we are now blocking all senders to that are using a or address. Upon sending, and senders will immediately get an error that explains things. This is bad for the senders, but it will prevent the mass bounces and bounce related unsubscriptions.
  • We encourage everyone to move away from to an email provider that protects your privacy and doesn’t make it impossible to run mailing lists
  • We’re investigating other ways we can hack around this problem, we hope to have a fix soon.


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And, wepay, one of the ways people donate to Riseup, has stopped accepting donations. For anyone who had set up reoccurring donations with them, it would be mighty awesome if you could set up some other form of reoccurring payment. Thanks!