Security Fire Drill

Let’s pretend you just accidentally pasted your Riseup password in a non-retractable public place (twitter, facebook, tattoo, etc). Oops!

How will this affect you? Do you use that password for sites other than Riseup? (Not a good idea.) Do you keep all your passwords in a secure place so you can check to see if that password is used elsewhere? Do you know how to change your password? If not, check out Are you storing information in your email that might be a problem for other people, not just you? Do you need to keep those emails?

And while you’re thinking about this panic-inducing question, why don’t you fix anything you can right now to make such a mistake less of a catastrophe.

Riseup is for Activists

Riseup exists to provide free and secure online services for activists. To those of you that are working on projects big and small for the betterment of people, animals, and this beautiful green-blue planet, we love you and hope that it is all going splendidly.

Now some of you might be saying, I am a political bird, but I am not much of an activist these days. Life is busy and it’s been a while since I’ve, you know, done something. We hear you. Really truly. This is a friendly reminder, from our busy lives to yours, that one way to be an excellent activist is to do a small amount of work consistently and well. What are you good at? How can that help some project you love?

Big News

For the first time in forever, Riseup is bringing a new system administrator on board to work on our plans to deploy the amazing LEAP platform in the coming year. This is a ton of work, and we are grateful and excited to have the capacity to fund this coming deployment. For the geeks among you, feel free to check out (English only) to get a sense of the awesomeness of where we are going.


Alas, we still need it, since the computers have yet again failed to gain sentience, rise up, get pissed off at the NSA, and change all our online communications to secure and free models.