The Oh No! Riseup is Down! Newsletter

“hey, i just want to thank you all (sincerely) for being down all day…it is a good thing to go a day without mail, i felt great all day!!!” - an actual quote from a riseup email user

This is a special newsletter for all you email users out there in Internet land who were wondering what happened to on Friday that kept you from getting at your email

As many have written in to point out, you could not login to check your email through IMAP/POP or webmail on Friday, for a really long time!

Thats because the system crashed in the morning and when we went to fix it, it refused to come back up, yikes! Off to the colo the riseup worker bees marched with tools and hope. Several hours of standing around in a loud machine room later, it was determined that this machine was not going to ever come back again and we needed to put on the work gloves and begin disaster recovery.

Sometime around 4am everything was restored to a different machine and we opened the floodgates for the email that was waiting to pour in and for any wayward souls who were up that early checking email. Any email that people sent you during the outage will be delivered, however we did loose about 5 hours of email between 2am and 7am Friday morning. We will be attempting in the next few days, some data recovery procedures to see if we can find that misplaced email.

Hey, email being down was kinda nice wasn’t it? Comon, admit it! What did you do instead? Hang out with friends? Maybe you went for a bike ride in the hills? Maybe we should have a scheduled day every month when we take email down so you go meet your neighbor, call up an old friend, kick a ball around, do some real-world organizing or just have a party in the streets celebrating! It was “Buy Nothing Day” in the USA, and since it was also “Email Nothing Day” you could’ve been out reversing consumptive consumer disorder!

We hope this didn’t cause too much disruption in your efforts, and that you did have a nice day that day instead of being glued to the computer (like we were)!

In solidarity, riseup

PS - consider dropping some change in the bucket!