Install OpenVPN

Download the OpenVPN Windows installer from this website and run it. You should download the current stable release from this page and verify the signature. You want the “Windows installer.”

Install RiseupCA.pem

Download the RiseupCA.pem and save it to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\. (If you pick a different location, make sure to change the ca RiseupCA.pem line of the configuration to point to the full path). For more information on the file RiseupCA.pem, see Riseup Certificate Authority.

Configure OpenVPN

Download the riseup.ovpn configuration file and move it to C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config\RiseupVpn.ovpn

Start OpenVPN

You often need to run the OpenVPN client as “Administrator”, you can do that on Windows7 by right-clicking on the program and choosing “Run as Administrator”. If you do not have that option, and you are running an older version of Windows you may just need to start the OpenVPN client by navigating to the Start button → All Programs → OpenVPN → OpenVPN GUI. It should prompt you for your username and password.



See our general Troubleshooting page.