Configuring Jabber clients for use with Riseup's chat service.

About Adium

Adium is the recommended jabber client for Macs. It is open source and supports Off the Record for end-to-end message encryption.

You can download Adium from

Configuring an account

(1) Adium menu > Preferences menu item > Account tab

(2) Click plus icon in bottom left, and select Jabber.

(3) In the Account tab, enter your riseup email address and password.

(4) In the Options tab:

  • For file transfer proxy, specify
  • Make certain that Require SSL/TLS is checked.

(5) Click OK

Using OTR

Additionally, you may wish to enable Off the Record. << insert OTR tutorial here >>

Using Tor

(1) Adium menu > Preferences menu item > Account tab

Edit the account settings of the account you want to use Tor with. Then select the Proxy tab, and configure like so: