Configurando clientes de Jabber para usar con el servicio de chat de Riseup.

About Adium

Adium is the recommended jabber client for Macs. It is open source and supports Off the Record for end-to-end message encryption.

You can download Adium from

Configuring an account

(1) Adium menu > Preferences menu item > Account tab

(2) Click plus icon in bottom left, and select Jabber.

(3) In the Account tab, enter your riseup email address and password.

(4) In the Options tab:

  • For file transfer proxy, specify
  • Make certain that Require SSL/TLS is checked.

(5) Click OK

Using OTR

Additionally, you may wish to enable Off the Record. << insert OTR tutorial here >>

Using Tor

(1) Adium menu > Preferences menu item > Account tab

Edit the account settings of the account you want to use Tor with. Then select the Proxy tab, and configure like so: