VPN Black

About VPN Black

The VPN Black uses the “Riseup Black” accounts and requires the Bitmask application. Please download it and install it to continue.

Bitmask VPN is easier to use and has greater security than traditional VPNs.

To sign up for Black services, visit black.riseup.net.

For more information on how to use the Bitmask application, see bitmask.net.


I cannot register my username / Somebody took my username

Our new security enhanced services are built upon the LEAP Encryption Access Project platform. This is a whole different infrastructure and is not directly linked with our current e-mail or lists services. You can access these services under the https://black.riseup.net address.

This also means you will need to create a new account to use the VPN and other future services. But to avoid possible usernames collisions, we put all the current riseup.net usernames in “reserved” status. But don’t worry, later this year you will be able to migrate your current account (including your username) to our new, way more secure services.