Where did Horde/IMP go?


For years and years we have maintained webmail at mail.riseup.net, not just one, but two. Why two? As it became harder and harder we kept asking ourselves that more and more. We aren’t sure we remember anymore, but we think that originally it was because one supported other languages better than the other, had more features and might have been better for accessibility reasons.

Over the years having two of these has meant twice the number of problems, in support, and upgrading to newer versions to resolve issues faster for you. It has also meant that when a new webmail solution came along that we thought people would appreciate, we couldn’t implement that because the thought of having three of these at once was too much to handle.

So after much debate and changing our minds back and forth, we’ve decided to drop support for the Horde/IMP webmail (this is also affectionally known as ‘the second login box’). This webmail had a lot more features and support for various languages, but it has been one of the hardest ones for us to maintain over time. In fact, when we tried to update our servers to the latest release, we got stuck and frustrated on updating this webmail. So we finally say goodbye to Horde/IMP.

Important information

If you were a regular user of Horde/IMP, we are sorry to take this away from you, and we hope that the new webmail will be much better for you in every way. As a regular user of that old webmail system, you should know that there may have been some import problems, so you should read this to know what to expect.

In particular, there might be problems with some non-latin characters with addressbook entries, so be sure you check those and correct them, we are sorry that there was no good way to automatically handle this problem.

If you tried both webmails, we imported settings from each, so be sure to check over any of your addressbook or identity information that you may have put into the old webmails and make sure that they are correct. There may be settings that you do not want, so just review them all once and you will be good.