Riseup Chat

What is XMPP?

XMPP is an open standard for instant messages as well as voice and video chat. With XMPP, you can send and receive messages between users on thousands of different chat providers.

Using Riseup’s XMPP service

Your riseup.net email address also serves as your XMPP address. For someone to send you an XMPP message or buddy request, they just need to send it to username@riseup.net.

In order to configure a XMPP client, you need this information:

  • protocol: “xmpp”
  • account: username@riseup.net
  • password: your Riseup Passwords

It is very important that you configure your client to always require encryption. Some clients have a setting “encryption if available”. Even though the riseup.net servers require encryption, if your client is configured to use “encryption if available” an attacker can easily acquire your password.

Some XMPP clients will ask for your username and domain separately. In this case, you would specify:

  • username: username
  • domain: riseup.net

For tutorials on specific clients, see our XMPP client page.

Connecting to multi-user chatrooms

When connecting to or creating chatrooms on Riseup’s XMPP network, the syntax should be:

  • your-room-name@conference.riseup.net

If you need to specify the room separately, do this:

  • chatroom: your-room-name
  • domain: conference.riseup.net

Do NOT use your-room-name@riseup.net

using rooms in Pidgin

If your are connected via Pidgin, to join or create a chatroom, click Add room in the Buddy menu.

  • Room: your-room-name
  • Server: conference.riseup.net
  • Handle: your-nick
  • Password: [optional]
  • Alias: [optional]
  • Group: [optional]

Click Ok and have a look at the buddy list. You should see a group Chat with your room. Right click on it and select join.

For testing, you can select riseup.net as room name and join it.

For added security

  1. For added security, access our XMPP server via the Riseup VPN.
  2. Use our Tor hidden service look for xmpp.*.onion at Riseup’s onion services pages.